Nick Rider

Nick is the owner of Rider Advisory Services and has been a resident of Versailles, KY since 2019.  Originally from Oxford, GA, a suburb of Atlanta, he grew up with a life that revolved around sports.  A karate black belt by the age of 12, earning a second-degree black belt by the age of 14.  He also played basketball and football growing up and played baseball throughout high school and into college.  

He attended Georgia State University where he earned a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.  After positions in marketing and financial analytics, Nick began a career in the healthcare industry serving in various internal consulting roles with some of the largest health systems in the Southeast.  In all, Nick has spent 15+ years in healthcare, primarily focused on strategy development and execution, business intelligence, and lean six-sigma process improvement.  In the meantime, Nick has gone on to receive his MBA from Louisiana State University.  

After having two children, Nick and his wife, Brittany, decided to relocate their family to Versailles, KY.  The family absolutely loves this area as it affords them a slower-paced, small-town feel.  "Versailles is a beautiful town full of history, friendly people, and the perfect place to raise a family," according to Nick.  "I can't imagine living anywhere else and am thrilled to call Versailles home."  By starting Rider Advisory Services, Nick hopes to utilize the knowledge and skills he has developed throughout his career to support the community by providing access to services that allow local businesses to thrive and achieve long-term sustainability.

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